The Indian Public School


The IPS is home to a collaborative, supportive, diverse, and ever-growing community more like a family than a school. IPS prides itself on academic achievement and outcomes, global integration, faculty excellence, and a personalized approach to teaching and learning.

The choice of a school when you know that it is the place where your child will learn, grow, thrive and make friendships that last a lifetime. What do you look for when choosing a school? How do you find that “rightness of fit”? Are there independent (private) schools that you should be considering?

As a  parent, you are in the fortunate position of having many strong public schools. However, there are many outstanding independent schools that you should also consider as you strive to find the best environment for both academics and social-emotional learning.

IPS shares a universal commitment to ensuring that all students will care about learning and learn about caring. Each fosters a culture of learning in every area of school life: in classrooms and laboratories, on playing fields and stages, in concerts, music practice rooms and art studios.

IPS school will do the following for your child:

Why look at an IPS School? Families who place a high value on education should seriously consider an independent school. There are few things in life that we can give our children that will last forever. An education that creates a lifelong learner is certainly one of them. Truly fine independent school options exist in Sultanpur. And, when you decide to choose, you will be stepping up to a key parental responsibility: to guide, support, and encourage your child toward the very best that his or her life may offer. Is there a better investment in the future than finding the right fit for your child’s education?